Is the Christmas Coca-Cola Truck Going To Be Banned?

Noo how could anyone want it banned?

There have been calls in Liverpool to band the very famous coca-cola truck.

The truck what travels around the country at Christmas time might not be stopping in Liverpool as it had been called to be banned.

Liverpool’s Liberal Democrat leader Richard Kemp said the city is “in the grip of an obesity epidemic and having the truck just encourages people to drink coke.

He wrote:

“You are probably aware that Liverpool is in the grip of an obesity epidemic for children and adults. 30% of our 11-year-olds are obese.

“The biggest single cause of this is the consumption of fizzy drinks.

“That is why I am appalled that there is a rumour going round that you will welcome the Coca-Cola van to Liverpool. This cynical event has taken place for the past five years and is not designed to welcome Christmas but to increase the consumption of a product that is grossly unhealthy.”


A spokesman for coke has said that the truck also promotes Diet Coke too.

More news to come…

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