Stacey Solomon Breaks Down In Tears On Loose Women Over ‘Crippling’ Phobia

Bless her.

Stacey Solomon appeared on Loose Women on Friday and broke down in tears over her phobia.

The former X Factor star said she felt “uncomfortable” talking about her “intense fear of death” before she was hypnotist by Paul McKenna.

Solomon then said that she sometimes thinks about death ‘six times a day’ as she said:

“It makes me uncomfortable talking about it.”

“Giving birth made me feel like I could die any minute. I felt very fragile and that anything could happen to me and I wasn’t in control of my life.”

Stacey has been working closely with Paul to try and get over her fear and talking on the show Paul said:

“What’s happened is Stacey’s compulsiveness has overlapped with her health

“She is catastrophising… she’s over-protecting herself.”

Paul then confessed that Stacey con thankfully be treated:

 “All I know is, everyone I’ve worked with, the symptoms seem to disappear.

“I’m not going to say I cure them, but I’m saying I haven’t found anyone who can’t be treated yet.”

Lets hope that she can be cured it must be so awful for her.

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