Charlotte Crosby And Pete Wicks Are All Over One And Other As They Party Together

They have both recently become single but now it seems they both might have been taken off the market with one and other.

Charlotte Crosby and Pete Wicks have been videoed getting very close to one and other as they partied the night away and sources have now said that they where ‘all over one and other’.The pair where out on Wednesday night partying the night away

An insider has said:

“Charlotte was trying it on with Pete the whole night. She was being pretty obvious about it and didn’t seem to mind who saw.

“Everyone saw them together – they were all over each other, clearly enjoying each other’s company.”

“They are both single, so why not have some fun?”

This is not the first time the pair have been out together as they where spotted out a couple of weeks ago looking very cosy with each other.

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