Katie Price Admits Mum’s At School Gate Ignore Her And She’s Not Happy About It

Katie Price has slammed mums at the school gate who are often ‘rude’ and ignore her because she’s famous.

Katie said on Loose Women on Thursday:

‘I think it’s rude, patronising and I’ve done nothing wrong to them and they shoudn’t believe everything they read,’

Other Loose Woman Jane Moore then said that do the other mum’s think that because she’s famous they may be intimidated by her to what Katie replied:

‘No, because I know they talk to the other side.’

‘I’m equally in love with my children as their father and just because I wear pink or dress the same as them, I’m still an individual, I have feelings.’

‘I want to talk to other mums, I want to get to know my kids best friends’ mum. I just think it’s rude. They all stand there nattering away and I’m on my own.’

‘I do want to be bothered, please come and talk to me,”Okay I can’t make cakes, I’m not going to compete with outfit day – I’ve got five children as long as they’re at school – I can’t beat everything other mums do, but don’t judge me.’

Twitter users have said that they felt sorry for Katie and we have to say we did too.

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