Stephen Bear Turns Up To Essex Nightclub To See Charlotte Crosby But She Refuses Him Entry

Wow this would have been a showdown.

Last night Charlotte Crosby was out clubbing in essex with Pete Wicks and Marnie Simpson when her ex boyfriend Stephen Bear turned up to the club wanting to speak with Charlotte who was inside.

A source has said:

“Bear showed up and wanted to speak to Charlotte who was inside. He hadn’t booked and he was wearing completely the wrong clothes, so there was no way he was getting in.

“He was making a scene claiming he wasn’t allowed in because of Charlotte – despite the fact Sheesh is very clear about its entry requirements.

The source continued:

“At one point he tried to get Marnie to get Charlotte for him, but things got a little heated and even Pete ended up getting involved.

“He eventually got the message and left, so Charlotte could enjoy her evening in peace.”

Thankfully he got the message.

Charlotte was inside getting in on with Pete Wicks by according to what sources have been saying.

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