Katie Price ‘SCREAMS’ At Chris Hughes At ITV Gala After Flashing Flirty Texts

Wow explosive.

Katie Price apparently ‘screamed’ at Chris Hughes all over the flirty text messages at the ITV Gala on Thursday night.

Katie was said to have screamed her head off at the Love Island star in front of a packed room and got her phone and flashed the text messages.

Thursday night was the first time the pair have seen one another other since he appeared on Loose Women back in the summer and that’s when all the drama started.

When Chris and his pal Kem where called to the stage to celebrate Love island success Katie started shouting “text messages!”.

A source has said to The SunL:

“As soon as Chris started speaking, she shouted ‘text messages’ at him twice,”

It continued:

The room went completely silent and they started shifting awkwardly in their seats. And just when everyone thought the incredibly awkward moment was over, Katie shouted it again,” continued the insider.

“At this point Chris went as white as a sheet because everyone could clearly hear what Katie was shouting. It was so tense and awkward – you could hear a pin drop in there it was so bad.”

She really isnt going to let this go at all.

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