Ruth Langsford And Rylan Clark-Neil Left Disgusted After They Drink Camels Milk


Ruth Langsford and Rylan Clark-Neil gaged on This Morning on Friday after they drank some camels milk live on the show.

The pair tried out the new craze what sees stars apparently like Kim Kardashian down cups of the milk for health reasons.

Eamonn holmes wasnt keen on trying the milk but his wife Ruth was until she tasted it.

Rylan said:

“We’ve got an issue. You know all this healthy eating malarkey. One minute you think you’ve got it all sorted and then it changes again.

“Guess what the new milk is now? Everyone is loving the camel milk. I’m not sure if it takes like camel but apparently it’s saltier.”

Ruth then said:

“If the Kardashians are loving it that probably means it fat free or something like that.”

They both took a sip and Rylan said

“Does it taste like camel?”

Ruth then replied:

“I don’t know what camel tastes like.”

We dont think we will be trying a cup of this any time soon at all.

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