Phillip Schofield Left Angered After Christian Says Transgender People Are ‘Fad’ And ‘Abhorrent!’

Phillip Schofield has been left outraged on This Morning on Monday morning after a christian woman was on the show who branded Transgender people a ‘fad’ and ‘abhorrent!’

Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre was appearing on the ITV show alongside a teacher who is at risk of losing his job after being accused of  misgendering a student following a complaint from the child’s mother.

The teacher from Oxford called a  pupil as “her” on the show causing Phillip to interrupt and said  “Him…”.

Joshua then replied:

“Well, we don’t know do we,”

Leaving Phillip and his co-presenter Holly Willoughby stunned.

Phillip was getting more and more frustrated during the interview after they talked about how you should refer to a transgender person.

Phillip then said to Andrea:

“The suicidality rate of children who go through some kind of transition process is just as high as if they don’t, (sic)”

“You’re a Christian, you’re both Christians.

“It doesn’t seem very Christian to me for you to be so intransigent,”

Andrea replied back:

“The kindest thing that you can do for a gender confused child is to help them live in the body they are [in],”

Willoughby then piped up and said:

“The role of a teacher isn’t just the subject you’re teaching, it’s their wellbeing,”

To what Andrea replied:

“Yeah, but it’s not a reality.”

Causing Phillip to say:

“Are you saying that transgender isn’t a reality,” Phillip asked in obvious disbelief. “In your eyes it’s not possible to be born in the wrong body?”

Andrea said:

“No, we are born male and female,””We can’t change that. Surgery can’t change that.”

Schofield then ended the interview by saying:

“I am finding this utterly abhorrent.”

“We’ll get back to the show and back to 2017 and not medieval Britain in just a moment.”

We have to say we agree with Phillip on this one.

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