Christine Lampard Hints At Wild Sex Life With Frank Lampard

They tied the knot in 2009 but it seems Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard are still having a good sex life.

During a discussion on Loose Women on Wednesday afternoon Christine confessed that she has no trouble keeping her sex life alive.

Lampard confessed that she ‘fancies him very, very much and feel very lucky” as she continued to say:

‘I love the idea of going back to basics. I love my date nights. I love pretending like I am 18 again, you know when you get your hair done for the day.
‘I know this sounds really soppy, but nothing fancy. I just mean the two of us having one night just us,’

Other Loose Women, Janet Street-Porter then said that it must be easy for her with Frank’s good looks causing Christine to reply:

‘I would not argue with that, I fancy him very, very much and feel very lucky.’

Good to know that she still really does fancy her husband.

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