Kady McDermott Involved In Heated Row On Good Morning Britain Over Her Loosing Christmas Light Switch On Job

Kady McDermott has kicked off massively on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning after they where debating after Kady lost a christmas light switch on job for a charity as it’s revealed that she was getting ‘paid’ for the event.

Kady lost the job after the organisers called her a ‘bad role model’ after she had sex and being called a ‘bad rolemodel’ on Love Island over a year ago.

Broadcaster Anna May Mangan supported her losing the job and had np worries about bashing the reality star while she was sitting next to her.

Anna said:

“I think Kady needs to know her brand,”

“When little children are waiting to see Santa and the lights come on, they don’t need a reality person who has had sex live on TV. I suggest they have a post-10pm lighting, so guys can go, drink beer and admire Kady.”

Anna then criticized Kady for accepting money from the council for turning the lights on.

Kady then said on the ITV show:

“I came from a show called Love Island, not everyone loves it and I understand that,” she said. “Like I said earlier, I was shocked when I got asked [to turn the lights on], it actually wasn’t the council [that asked] it was a community thing. But I was very honoured, again it wasn’t about the money. The money wasn’t from the council either.

“I was really honoured and flattered that someone from where I grew up wanted me [to turn on the Christmas lights]. That’s fine if not everyone thinks I’m a role model.”

Fans have been left divided over the comments on the show some are for and some are agains.

What do you thinK?

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