Paul Chuckle Flirts With Caroline Flack On Twitter

Some thing syou just don’t expect to see on a Wednesday afternoon.

Paul Chuckle from the popular children’s TV program Chuckle Brothers has sort of flirted with Caroline Flack on Twitter after she shared a topless photo.

Caroline was in a pool topless as she applied her lipstick when Paul saw the photo and without glasses he thought she had a bikini on.

Caroline shared the photo above with the caption of:

 “Wish you were here…”

When Paul replied back:

“Planned on it but work got in the way.”

To what Caroline shared back:

 “To me or to you ?”

Paul then tweeted:

“To LA eh?”

A spokesperson for Paul has now said that Paul and his wife are actually friends of Carolines.

They said:

 “Paul and his wife Sue are friends with Caroline and it was actually Sue who saw the post which Paul replied to.

“In actual fact they were at the poolside at a health spa celebrating a birthday when he replied. On a small phone screen without his glasses he just thought she was wearing a bikini.”

Fans absolutely loved the conversation between the pair and found it hilarious.

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