Eamonn Holmes Admits Ruth Langsford Is A ‘New Woman’

Eamonn Holmes Announces Wife Ruth Langsford Has To 'Sedate Herself' With Alcohol Before She Flies

It was very sad over the weekend when Ruth Langsford was voted off Strictly Come Dancing but now Eamonn Holmes has said that the show had made her a ‘new woman’.

Eamonn said recently:

 “Strictly’s been wonderful for Ruth. She was having a hard time from the menopause , mentally and physically.

“Strictly has given her a new direction in life. It has reinvigorated her, re-energized her and reinvented her.

He then continued to say:

“She knows she has been blessed and been given the chance to do something extraordinary other women her age don’t get to do. She is very grateful for it and she deserves it. When I met her she didn’t believe in herself and didn’t have confidence. I think this is her moment.”

Eamonn has really missed Ruth while she has been away so much with rehearsals and her other presenting jobs including Loose Women.

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