Day: November 17, 2017

Scotty T And Girlfriend Spotted Having Furious Row at Trainstation

Scotty T and his girlfriend have been spotted having a massive row outside of a train station as onlookers said they where “terrified” when the ex Geordie Shore star, 29, started “screaming” at the blonde.

This happened at Kings Cross station as an onlooker has now said:

 “There was a load of very loud shouting and everyone looked around only to see Scotty raging at this girl.

“He didn’t seem to care that people were watching. He just kept yelling at her as they walked through the station.

“It was so unnerving that it felt like people wanted to go over and help her, but were worried about getting involved.

“It was so loud and frantic that it was hard to make out what they were saying, but it must have been a very tense train ride.”

Must have been so embarasing for them both out in public.

Sam Faiers Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Paul Kissing His Sister

Just adorable.

Sam Faiers has taken to her Instagram account to share a lovely photo of her son Paul kissing and touching his newborn sister.

Sam shared the photo on Friday morning and fans went mad for the lovely clip.

Along with the video Sam said that she had watched the video alot of times as she wrote:

‘I must have watched this video over a hundred times already. I am so proud of my babies. Paul is already so loving towards he’s little sister. my heart is bursting xxx’.

Such a lovely video.

James Argent Spent The Night With Gemma Collins After She Suffers Water Infection

James Argent apparently slept with Gemma Collins just as she was diagnosed by a doctor with a water infection.

It was on Thursday night when Gemma was forced to cancel the appearance at the club just after she appeared at Freeport Braintree as she switched the christmas lights on when apparently Arg stayed the night with her.

The Sun has reported:

“They’ve had it out and they have been getting close again,” the insider said.

“He missed her while she was away, he admits they have incredible chemistry and he can’t stay away – he went over to her place last night.”

We so want them to get back together they make such a good couple and we really do love their chemistry together.

Gemma Collins Forced To Cancel Nightclub Appearance Due To Water Infection

Gemma Collins has been forced to cancel an appeased at a nightclub after she was struck down with a water infection.

Gemma was meant to be going to a club in Sheffield when she was forced to cancel over doctors orders.

In true Gemma style the Towie Star didn’t want to let anyone down as she was also booked for Christmas light switch on at Freeport Braintree where she agreed to attend but then straight home to bed.

Taking to be instagram account Gemma said:

“Lovely to meet you all this evening was a blast but sadly I won’t be making Sheffield tonight.

“I didn’t want to let anyone down doctors orders bed and rest for me I have a water infection guys I’m so sorry I don’t want to let anyone down but I have to rest xxx love you all.”

Let’s hope she’s feeling better soon.