Day: November 18, 2017

Boris Johnson’s Dad Stanley Johnson Can’t Take His EYES Off Georgia Toffolo In New I’m A Celeb Photos

Boris Johnson's Dad Stanley Johnson Can't Take His EYES Off Georgia Toffolo In New I'm A Celeb Photos

They have all meet for the first time but now it seems that Stanley Johnson is a fan of Georgia Toffolo.

In new photos taken at the lavish hotel they show the father of Boris Johnson staring at Made In Chelsea star.

Insiders have said that Stanley has been very ‘flirty’ towards Georgia and he apparently “couldn’t take his eyes off” the hot reality star.

A source has said:

“Everyone was getting to know each other, making polite chat and enjoying themselves — but Stanley made a bit of a beeline for Georgia and a few of the other celebs passed comment about it.

“No doubt it was meant with the very best of intentions on his part, but Stanley’s approach is from another era. He wasn’t very subtle about it.

“What he thinks is charming struck a few of the others as a bit leery –he’s probably just a bit of a dinosaur.

The source then continued:

“But a few of the celebs and crew joked afterwards that they think Stanley could well put his foot in it on screen.

“Obviously it’s a mixture of live TV and pre-recorded highlights, so he’ll have to be careful especially in this day and age.

We can see this series being very interesting indeed.

Who Is Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg?

Over the last few days Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has been getting a lot of media attention over her ‘overpriced’ Christmas advent calendar and some offensive tweets from years ago have resurfaced online.

But just who is Zoella??

Well Zoella whose’ real name is Zoe Sugg is a british Youtuber who has ammased a massive following online from vlogging and sharing clips from recently shopping trips calls ‘hauls’.

Zoella is estimated to earn a whopping £55,000 per month just on her adds what she runs on her Youtube videos and that’s without her book sales, makeup rages and interviews.

It was in 2009 when Zoe first uploaded her first ever video to Youtube and it was of her talking about lipstick and her pets.

In 2014 she released her first book Girl Online.

Amanda Holden Adds To Her £12 Million Fortune By Designing interior collection

Amanda Holden has designed and launched her new interiour collection with Infinity Spheres.

The bubbly blonde has been launched the items on QVC UK at the start of this week as the items are priced at £36.50  and says that they use 3D technology which create a ‘bursting effect’ and features a timer function which allows them to turn off and on in the homeowner’s absence.

Holden has been speaking to QVC about the items as she said:

‘I’m utterly obsessed with Christmas and everything goes up on the 1st December,’ she began. ‘Last year, we put decorative light-up spheres on our sideboard and then they just looked too pretty to take down.

‘I’ve had them on throughout the year, it’s such a happy and magical light.’

Holden launched the Infinity Glass Spheres on Tuesday and within 24 hours she had sold a whopping 30,000 of her decorative lights.

Courtney Stodden Poses Naked Again!

Does she ever wear clothes?

Courtney Stodden has decided to take to her Instagram account again to share another photo as she posed nude again.

The model was laying beside her pool where she decided to flash the flesh to her social media followers as she striked a number of poses.

In other images Courtney is sipping wine as she looks like she is living the life of luxury beside the pool.

Eamonn Holmes Gets Slammed By This Morning Viewers After He Calls Married Couple Of 70 Years ‘Dying Breed’

Eamonn Holmes Gets Slammed By This Morning Viewers After He Calls Married Couple Of 70 Years 'Dying Breed'

Eamonn Holmes Gets Slammed By This Morning Viewers After He Calls Married Couple Of 70 Years 'Dying Breed'

Eamonn Holmes has been slated by This Morning viewers after he decided to call a couple who have been married for 70 years ‘dying breed’.

The pair where appearing on the show to talk about their long marriage together when Holmes made the comments about Geoff Bancroft, 87, and his 88-year-old wife June, from Moulton, Cheshire.

Listerning to his comments one person tweeted:

‘Eamonn called them a dying breed? Really Eamon. You suffer a real case of foot in mouth, don’t you? ‘.

While another said:

‘First he says to a 70 year married couple ‘usually one dies or passes on’ then calls them a ‘dying breed’,’

Twitter was kick to erupt with comments and opinions about what Eamonn had to say.