Amanda Holden Adds To Her £12 Million Fortune By Designing interior collection

Amanda Holden has designed and launched her new interiour collection with Infinity Spheres.

The bubbly blonde has been launched the items on QVC UK at the start of this week as the items are priced at £36.50  and says that they use 3D technology which create a ‘bursting effect’ and features a timer function which allows them to turn off and on in the homeowner’s absence.

Holden has been speaking to QVC about the items as she said:

‘I’m utterly obsessed with Christmas and everything goes up on the 1st December,’ she began. ‘Last year, we put decorative light-up spheres on our sideboard and then they just looked too pretty to take down.

‘I’ve had them on throughout the year, it’s such a happy and magical light.’

Holden launched the Infinity Glass Spheres on Tuesday and within 24 hours she had sold a whopping 30,000 of her decorative lights.

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