Boris Johnson’s Dad Stanley Johnson Can’t Take His EYES Off Georgia Toffolo In New I’m A Celeb Photos

Boris Johnson's Dad Stanley Johnson Can't Take His EYES Off Georgia Toffolo In New I'm A Celeb Photos

They have all meet for the first time but now it seems that Stanley Johnson is a fan of Georgia Toffolo.

In new photos taken at the lavish hotel they show the father of Boris Johnson staring at Made In Chelsea star.

Insiders have said that Stanley has been very ‘flirty’ towards Georgia and he apparently “couldn’t take his eyes off” the hot reality star.

A source has said:

“Everyone was getting to know each other, making polite chat and enjoying themselves — but Stanley made a bit of a beeline for Georgia and a few of the other celebs passed comment about it.

“No doubt it was meant with the very best of intentions on his part, but Stanley’s approach is from another era. He wasn’t very subtle about it.

“What he thinks is charming struck a few of the others as a bit leery –he’s probably just a bit of a dinosaur.

The source then continued:

“But a few of the celebs and crew joked afterwards that they think Stanley could well put his foot in it on screen.

“Obviously it’s a mixture of live TV and pre-recorded highlights, so he’ll have to be careful especially in this day and age.

We can see this series being very interesting indeed.

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