Katie Price Claims Husband Kieran Hayler’s Cheating Has Aged Her By ’10 Years’

Katie Price Claims Husband Kieran Hayler's Cheating Has Aged Her By '10 Years'

With all the stress of what has been going on in her life Katie Price has revealed that the stress of her husband Kieran Hayler cheating has caused her to age by ‘ten years’ and now she looks like ‘a man’.

Katie has said that she is feeling the full effects of a very stressful year and how it has taken it toll on her body.

Sources have said to the news publication:

 “[Katie’s] told pals that Kieran’s behaviour has aged her 10 years.”

Katie is now planning on having lots of medical treatments to make herself look younger it it continued to say:

“Katie knows she is starting to look like the ‘Bride of Wildenstein’ but she won’t stop until she achieves what she thinks is perfection.”


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