Tamara Ecclestone Worries About Daughter And Her ‘Wiping her Own Bottom’ As She Starts School

Tonight on Tamara’s World viewers had another insight into the lavish world of Tamara Ecclestone.

During one moment of the show Tamara was worried about her three-year-old daughter Sophia starting school and who would ‘wipe her bottom’ while she was at school.

On the latest episode it showed Tamara in tears at the thought of her daughter staring play school as she said:

‘I’m worried that they’ll make her wipe her own poo. She’s not ready for that… This is so awful!

Then talking about Sophia starting school she continued to say:

‘I’m feeling exhausted, I’ve hardly slept… I’m worried, but at the same time I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible for Fifi… Today is an awful day. Today is a tragedy.’


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