This Morning’s Doctor Zoe Williams Announces She is Freezing Her Eggs Aged 37

Dr Zoe Williams has appeared on This Morning during her regular health slot on the ITV show when she confessed that she is freezing her eggs aged 37.

Zoe is paying the £10,000 to have them frozen as she confessed on This Morning that she can now afford to have the procedure done.

Zoe admitted that the reason behind her not having children sooner is because she hasn’t ‘found the right partner’ and is currently single.

Dr Williams then confessed that the success rates for the procedure are very low and wasnt for everyone.

She said:

‘The reason I haven’t become a mum is because I haven’t found the right partner. I kind of wish I’d done it sooner,’

‘I think if women are reaching the age of 30 and they’re in a financial position, because it is expensive, and they’re not in the position to have children in a year or two then I would consider it.’

The procedure and her journey is being filmed for This Morning as she confirmed:

‘I want to share it with people, there is a lot of stigma surrounding that and I want to help.’

This will be interesting to watch and we personally think she is really brave to speak so openly.

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