AJ Pritchard Says Mollie King Has The ‘Sexiest Bum’ On Strictly Come Dancing

AJ Pritchard Says Mollie King Has The 'Sexiest Bum' On Strictly Come Dancing

Wow they have changed their tune.

Before Mollie King and Aj Prichard have denied that they like one and other in a romantic sort of way until now.

Aj has said that he think’s Mollie has the ‘sexiest bottom’ out of all the people on the show as he spoke about his dance partner during a recent interview.

When asked by the Daily Star if they where a couple he replied:

“That question will have to stay on everyone’s lips! But she is gorgeous and has the sexiest bum on the show.

“Time flies when we are together. We are always laughing.”

They would make such a good couple.

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