Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Left In Floods Of Laughter After They Call The WRONG Competition Winner

They are known for their laughter outbursts on live TV but this time Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had a shock when they called the wrong competition winner by accident.

Holly and Phillip where on the phone to what they thought was the person who won the massive £5,000 in cash but they called the wrong person up.

The pair felt so bad that had given false hope to the person on the phone that the presenters decided to give the lady on the phone a £1,000 to say sorry.

It all kicked off when Holly and Phil called the winner live on air, while Alison Hammond waited outside her door to deliver the good news.

Alison Hammond was outside the persons house to give them the money when she shouted:

‘Here she is! We rang the wrong winner – there’s someone out there who hasn’t won, sorry love! But you’ve won £5000!’

The camera then went back to the studio when Phillip said:

‘Oh I just love it when stuff goes wrong! This could be a really bad idea…’ as the phone rang.

Holly and Phillip then called back the wrong lady and said:

‘It’s Holly and Phil back again, we just wanted to say sorry as we phoned you by mistake, when we were trying to call someone who had won a competition prize.

‘Then we hung up and felt guilty… so you’ve just won £1000 for Christmas, for no other reason than our guilt!’

They must have been so embarrassed but at least the lady got £1,000.

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