Just Who Is Paying For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding?

The countries is excited at the moment with another Royal wedding what will be happening in Spring 2018 but one question what is on a lot of peoples lips is just who is paying for the lavish day.

Prince Harry who is worth £40 million and Meghan who’s worth £4 Million wedding will come at a cost and some social media users are worried that it will come out of taxpayers money.

One person tweeted:

‘Before you all get ahead of yourselves, I have one super important question: Who is paying the bill for the Meghan & Harry’s wedding? If we can’t adequately fund the NHS / Education system I don’t want a single penny of public money to go into this wedding. #RoyalWedding2018′


While another said:

‘They better be paying for their own wedding, what with granny dodging taxes, no money for the NHS, and people still having to tighten their belts this country cannot afford a subsidised royal wedding!! #RoyalWedding2018′


It’s not been said if they money will come out of the UK taxpayers money

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