Meghan Markle’s Extended Family Congratulate Her And Prince Harry On Their Engagement

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have Official Photo Together Outside Kensington Palace

The extended family of Meghan Markle have congratulated her and her soon to be husband Prince Harry on their engagement.

Speaking to the the mother of Meghan’s half-siblings Roslyn Markle, has said:

That’s absolutely wonderful news.

‘I’m really happy for them and I hope they’ll be happy together and have a great life.’ Of the spring wedding date, Roslyn added: ‘That will be so nice.’

When Roslyn was asked about how she thinks Meghan will cope with the transition from actress to princess she replied:

‘Meghan is very well educated.

‘She’s worked in a professional, public life forever. She’s been in the TV industry forever. She’s very well educated and she’s had a lot of exposure to the public.

‘She’s going to be just fine.’

Super happy news.

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