Jeremy McConnell Smeared Friends Home With His Own Poo


It’s been reported that Jeremy McConnell smeared a friends £250,00 home in poo after he was apparently ‘high on cocain’.

The Mirror have said that he was drug-filled when he went on the rampage when he smeared his own feces around the pad as sources have said:

“After he was sent down his solicitor called one of them and asked them to box up his things from their flat. When they walked in they were shocked and disgusted.

“Jeremy had s**t everywhere – the bed, there was excrement on the walls and the sinks were clogged with sick with wine bottles everywhere – a fine way to pay back your only mates.

“One of the rooms cost £450 to clean – it was disgusting and it stank. God knows what happened inside those four walls but it doesn’t bear thinking about. Neighbours said it was a bender from Saturday to Thursday.There was no respect there.”

It’s also been said that Jeremy spent a whopping £10,000 on cocain.

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