Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special Winner Gets Leaked By Fan

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The producers of Strictly Come Dancing have been left going crazy after a fan has leaked the winner of the Christmas special online.

The festive episode is set to air next month but already someone has managed to find out who won the pre-recorded show and is splashing it all over the internet.

For the festive episode it will see old favorites take to the dance floor including Kimberley Walsh, Judy Murray and Jeremy Vine.

The Daily Star has been reporting that BBC rely on audience members watching the show at home but if they already know the winner they are not going to tune in.

A fan has said to the news publication:

‘It is the BBC who make the spoiler possible. If they don’t want the result to leak, there is something very simple they can do to stop it – broadcast it live.’

The show is filmed with live audience members watching the recording and then the people in the audience announce who won the shows to online fan sites and that is how things get leaked.

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