Day: December 7, 2017

Stanley Johnson Face Plants His Lilo Live On Extra Camp

He’s so funny.

Stanley Johnson decided to show the viewers to  I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here after show Extra Camp just how he jumps on his lilo as he showed off his skills in the studio.

Stanley just finished his interview with Scarlett Moffatt when he decided to jump on to the bright green lilo.

Before jumping on the lilo he asked Scarlett if she wanted ago but she politely refused.

He’s just so funny.

Andrea McLean Admits Guest Nearly Stopped Her Wedding To Nick Feeney

Andrea McLean Admits Guest Nearly Stopped Her Wedding To Nick Feeney

She got married last week but now Andrea McLean has confessed that it nearly didn’t happen after someone jokingly ‘objected’ during their vowels.

Andrea who returned to Loose Women on Thursday afternoon after a week off decided to speak about her wedding as she said:

‘The vows nearly never happened because when it got to that bit “does anyone here know any reason?” [Nicky] went “Well, actually”.

‘We laughed and the lady went “Stop the wedding!” The whole thing ground to a halt!’

She then continued to say:

‘[The officiator] said “this is a legal binding ceremony and you have just said that there is a reason why these two should not”.

‘And [Nicky] was going, “No, no, no I was only joking!”

She went on to say:

“I don’t care if you were only joking. This whole thing could be cancelled right now”.

‘We all sort of stopped and looked at each other and she said “but I’ll let you carry on. Carry on”.

‘It was one of those things that the bigger the disaster you survive, the funnier it is later. Now it’s hilarious!’


Chris Brown Angers Fans After He Buys Three Year Old Daughter A Monkey

Chris Brown has angered his followers after he decided to buy his three year old daughter a baby monkey.

Chris shared a video and photos online of the monkey in the arms of his daughter Royalty as she looked very happy to have received the monkey.

Speaking from behind the camera Chris can be heard saying:

“Is that your baby? He’s going to be bigger than you! Look, you have the same sized head!”

He has angered lots of people and we can see why.

Will Iain Lee Win I’m A Celebrity?

Iain Lee Has Been Sending Secret Messages To His Loved Ones From I'm A Celebrity Jungle

At the start of the series Iain Lee wasn’t the most liked person in camp but now it seems the tables have turn ed and now he could actually win the show.

Iain has been favoured every single night with the votes and now people have asked for him to win the show on social media after other camp mates like Dennis Wise and Jamie loams have been accused of ‘bullying’ the radio star.

What do you think could he win the show??

Nicole Williams Gossip Goes For Balayage Hair Style

Nicole Williams Gossip Goes For Balayage Hair Style


So for a while now i have bene thinking about changing my hair style from the usual bleach blonde what I normally have.

I decided to go for a balayage hair style what is dark on top and goes into the blonde as you can see in the photos above.

One thing what i like about the balayage style is that you don’t have any roots as you don’t see them! With the blonde what i use to have within a couple of weeks of having my hair done i was needing to have my roots done again and it just is so much to maintain.

Have a look at the photo’s above and below.

I’m A Celebrity Bosses Thinking About Removing Dennis Wise After Being Accused Of Bullying Iain Lee

I’m A Celebrity’s Rebekah Vardy Shows Off Bloated Tummy After Eating Lost After Leaving Jungle

She has said that she has lost a stone in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle but now Rebekah Vardy has showed off her bloated tummy after eating lots of food what she missed out on eating in the jungle.

Rebekah who has been out fo the show for a few days now has seemed to have been making the most of the unlimited foot at the hotel as she has shared a video online of her very bloated tummy.

The mother flashed her tummy with her Instagram followers and confessed that she has lost over a stone in the just over two weeks she was in the jungle.