Day: December 21, 2017

Kensington Palace Relese Official Photo’s Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle SEE HERE!

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have Official Photo Together Outside Kensington Palace

With just a few days until Chrismtas the Royal Family have treated us to an early Chrsitmas presnet as Kensington Palance have relesed the official photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together.

The photos where shared on socila media of the pair who look very much loved up together.

In one fo the photos Meghan is proudly flashing her beautiful engament ring.

More news to come..

Has Costa Operned Up On Coronation Street??

Has Costa Operned Up On Coronation Street??

Well we wasnt expecting that.

Eager eyed viewers have noticed something on Coronation Street.

In sceens aired recently it showed Daniel Osbourne holdiung a Costa cup whilte walking along the cobbles and that caused viewers to ask if there has bene a new Cosa open up on the street?!

One viewer took to their Twitter page and shared:

“Has corrie got a Costa Coffee now Roy wont be happy Daniel walking with costa cup !! #corrie,”

While another shared:

“I’ve noticed a trend in people carrying Costa takeaway cups in #corrie,”

Wow what next will be operning??? Primark maybe?

Ferne McCann’s Festive Tweet Gets Backlash From Victims In Arthur Collins Acid Attack

A few days back Ferne McCann shared her delight that Chrismtas was coming up but the festive tweet recieved lots of backlash with some of the replys coming from victims who where involved in the Arthur Collins acid attack.

Ferne was dating Arthur when he threw acid over a packed nightclub room causing lotsa of people to have awful injuries.

On Monday fo this week Ferne tweeted:

“Tis the season to wear sequins tra la la la la….”

To what a mother of one of the victiums who was injued during the attack replied back and said:

 “Tiss the season for your boyfriend to be jailed for 20 years for throwing acid at my daughter & other innocent victims tra la la la la …..”

It was last week when Ferne spoke about the “worst year of her life” on her relaity show after her ex boyfriend being sentance to 20 years in prison for the attack.

Dancing On Ice Contestants Put On Sex Band Before Series Begins

With Dancing On Ice set to air in the new year the contestans have been told to try and avoid sex over the Chrismtas period.

But it’s not just sex what they cant have as they have been told that they are not to “overindulge’ on too much food, booze and cigarettes.

Judge of the show Jason Gardner said:

“They need to avoid alcohol, any overindulgence on Christmas Day and sex.

“Absolutely no sex. It drains you of your chi.”

“I’m being serious. Like boxers, they will have to abstain. I’m going to.”

So it’s looking like it might be a bit of a boring chrismtas for them all them.

Chloe Ferry Slips Into Tiny Bikini As She Poses On Instagram

She’s so naughty!

Chloe Ferry has teased her Instagram followers after she slipped into a very small bikini whiler sh eposed for a snap to share on her socila media platforms while in a hottub with a bottel of booze in her hand.

Chloe looked fab in the snap what you can see above.