Day: January 9, 2018

Stephen Bear Shares X-Rated Photos Of New Girlfriend While They Party In Bali

Stephen Bear Shares X-Rated Photos Of New Girlfriend While They Party In Bali

Clearly moved on from Charlotte Crosby.

Stephen Bear has been enjoying some time away in Bail but he hasn’t been alone as she has taken his new girlfriend beauty therapist Jessica Garthwaite and well and truly showed their love for one and other in a series of Snapchat videos.

In one of the video Jessica can be seen rubbing her bottom up against Bear while she flashes her tiny thong and in another both he and Bear are snogging one and others faces off.

Clearly taking things to another leaven on Snapchat

Cheryl Tells Simon Cowell She Wont Return To The X Factor If Louis Walsh Is On The Show!

Cheryl Tells Simon Cowell She Wont Return To The X Factor If Louis Walsh Is On The Show!

Wow the beef.

Cheryl Tweedy has said that she will not be returning to the X Factor if Louis Walsh is still on the judging panel.

Cheryl who has had her ups and downs with the music mogul seems like she just can’t forgive her falling outs with Louis and will not be on the show if he is.

A source has said:

“She called Simon and said she wasn’t sure she could return to the show if Louis or Sinitta were hired.

“Simon now feels stuck in the middle and he said her X Factor role could be in jeopardy.

“Cheryl used to be able to pull all the strings with Simon but that sparkle has fizzled out…”

We be he feels stuck in the middle.

The question is who will he pick Cheryl or Louis?

Who would you have on the judging pannel??

Stephanie Davis Hints That She Is In A Relationship In New Instagram Account

Stephanie Davis Hits Out At Ex Jeremy McConnell For Denying That He Is The Unborn Baby's Father

Stephanie Davis has hinted online that she is in another relationship.

Stephanie who has had her fair shared of failed relationships shared a photo to her instagram account where she shared a quoted saying:

‘So there’s this boy, and the way he laughs makes me smile,‘And the way he talks gives me butterflies, and everything about him makes me happy.’

Fans started commenting on the photo asking who the man in question is she is talking about but nothing has been said.

Marnie Simpson Hints She Might Leave Geordie Shore After Finding Love

She’s been in the show since 2013 now but it seems Marnie Simpson might be the next cast member to leave Geordie Shore.

Marnie has said that she has been finding filming very stressful.

When asked by Star Magazine who will be the next member to leave the show she said:

“Probably me,”

“I find it hard to film. I suffer with OCD and anxiety and I get stressed. I want to keep on top of my work outside the house and you can’t do that when you’re filming.

“Everyone thinks it’s easy but it’s actually really hard.”


Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson Admits She Will Never Stop Having Plastic Surgery

Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson Admits She Will Never Stop Having Plastic Surgery

Marnie Simpson is no stranger to having plastic surgery since she first started on Geordie Shore.

Now the reality star has confessed that she is not going to hold back on the plastic surgery and is planning more in the future.

Marnie who is no stranger to going under the knife after she has had a boob job, two nose jobs, lip fillers and more.

Now Simpson has said that she wants  “uplift” for her breasts and a few “tweaks” but fears she will never be perfect.

Talking to The Sun, Simpson said:

“Once you go down that route you can’t stop it. You want to perfect everything which is impossible.

“So if people were to come to me and ask about plastic surgery I always say, ‘don’t do it because it’s a road that you’ll never come back from’.

“But if you’ve got something you really hate then get it fixed. Otherwise you’ll never ever be happy with it.”

Then talking about the age that she thinks people should go under the knife she said:

 “I think you should wait until you’re older as well. 25.

“I was 23 when I had my first. Which I don’t think is too bad.

“I wouldn’t mind another uplift. I just want tweaks – it’s so easy and so open to get.”

She really has changed so much over the years sh eha sbene int he public eye.

Just dont go too far Marnie!

Scarlotte Moffatt Annouces She’s On The Dating Sceen Again After Splitting From Long Term Boyfriend Luke Crodden

Scarlotte Moffatt has revied that she is going on dates again after she split for the second time from one/off boyfriend Luke Crodden.

Taking to her Facebook page the Geordie shared:

“Just occurred to me in order to actually start and go on dates I need to be sociable

This comes after Love Island winner Kem Cetinay denied that he is dating Scarlotte after they have been spending lots of time togehter.

Scarlotte has said nothign about the rumors.