Celebrity Big Brother Boys Talk About What Girl Housemates They Would Like To ‘Bang’

It seems the viewers of Celebrity Big Brother have been left feeling ‘sick’ after the boys of the house Johnny Mitchelle, Andrew Brady and Daniel O’Reilly talked abou who they would like to ‘hook up with’ and ‘bang’ out of the girls in the house.

Daniel asked Andrew and Johnny:

“If you had to pick, which would hook up with? For one night,”

Andrew replied:

“Looks-wise Jess, but she’s more wifey…

“They’re all fit. I’d bang them all.”

Daniel aks Dapper Laughts then said back:

“I think Ashley. She knows how to handle herself that’s all I’m saying,”

Andrew then asked him:

“So why would you have her for only one night?”

To what he said back:

“You’d have to recover after that. You ain’t going to put a great performance in,”

Have a look at the clip below.


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