Viewers Left Divided Over ITV’s Britain’s Brightest Family

Viewers Left Divided Over ITV's Britain's Brightest Family

Tonight Britain’s Brightest Family aired for the first time on ITV and it has left viewers divided.

The show hosted by The Chase star Anne Hegerty has been slammed over ‘easy questions’ and people saying that the questions are for ’11-year-olds’.

The show is about bright family’s who have to answer questions and then the winning family will go head to head to win a trip to Florida.

One person tweeted while the show aired:

Must say that was bloody easy. #BritainsBrightestFamily

While another said:

Am i missing something? Or are these questions mostly REALLY easy?#BritainsBrightestFamily

But it wasn’t all bad comments as some people really did love the show as one person shared:

#BritainsBrightestFamily was proper good old fashioned family quizzing. Reminded me a bit of Ask the Family. Well done @anne_hegerty and everyone involved

And other:

Well done @anne_hegerty really enjoyedyour show tonight will definitely be tuning in next week 👏🏼🖥📺#britainsbrightestfamily xxx

We have to say we found the show hard with some of the questions.

What did you thinK??

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