Just How Did Holly Willoughby Lose Her Weight? Keith Lemon Reveals All

Over the last year Holly Willoughby has been getting smaller and smaller and has lots lots of weight but she had never spoke about how she did it.

Now her Celebrity Juice co-presenter Keith Lemon has relevield just how she lost the weight and now it’s been said that Holly took up exercise.

According to Lemon, Holly has been doing some boxing and that had made the weight drop off her and he even went on to say that she might even bring a fitness DVD out.

Talking to The Sun, Keith said:

“I’ve heard a rumour that it’s some sort of boxing,”

“I asked if she was going to be bringing a fitness DVD out, because everyone’s going to be saying, ‘I want a body like Holly Willoughby!”

He continued:

“Ages ago she came back from holiday and I said she’d lost weight, I could see it in her face.

“Then everyone picked up on it, and we were at a party a while later and I said “I bet you’re sick to death of everyone asking you how you’ve lost it…but how have you lost it?”

“Holly’s always been a total babe.”


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