Things Are Heating Up Between Celebrity Big Brother’s Andrew Brady And Courtney Act

The men have only been in the Celebrity Big Brother house for just over a week now and things have been progressing between Andrew Brady and Courtney Act.

Andrew and drag queen courtney who’s real name is Shane Jenek have been getting so close from sharing a bath together to cuddling most of the time.

Andrew who is straight and Courtney aka Shane who’s pansexual have taken the public’s heart and fans of the show are convinced that something is going to happen between them.

During a conversation with Malika Haqq on Saturday night’s episode Shane said:

‘I think he likes girls, and I think whilst Courtney is an attractive girl, he also is intellectually aware that she’s not.’

Then Malika pointed out that Andrew was kissing Shane and not Courtney and he replied back and said:

‘But lads do that sort of thing.’

‘I think it was like, last night you said if he kissed you, would you kiss him back? and I was like, yeah of course, but I’m not living with that expectation at all.’





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