Day: January 17, 2018

Marnie Simpson Admits Geordie Shore Is ‘Fake And Scripted’ On Twitter

Viewers to Geordie Shore have noticed something very odd about the upcoming episode of the reality show.

At the end of Tuesday nights show they advertised that on the next show it is Marnie SImpson’s birthday episode but her birthday is actually today when the show was filmed a few months back.

Fans started taking to Twitter to ask what was going on when Marnie replied to one of the comments and confessed that the show is “fake and scripted”.

One fan tweeted:

“I don’t understand how it was @MarnieGShore birthday in the house a couple months ago and it’s also marnies birthday today ????”

To what Marnie replied back:

“It’s coz it’s fake and scripted”

See tweet below.

Sources contacted MTV to see what they had to say about this but they refursed to comment.

Marnie Simpson Admits Geordie Shore Is 'Fake And Scripted' On Twitter

Large Crib Spotted Being Delivered At Kylie Jenner’s Home

Kylie Jenner Admits Photos Of Brother Rob Kardashian With Baby Daughter Dream Kardashian Makes Her Want To Cry

With Kylie Jenner rumored to be expecting her first child and then that photo what has been published on Wednesday morning Kylie looking very much pregnant now a large crib has been spotted being delivered to the home of Kylie.

Delivery men struggled to take the white crib into her house while photographers captured every moment.

As we told you last  week Kylie has already been ‘baby proofing’ her home over the last few weeks as she prepares for the baby to be born.

We think it’s time Kylie confirms that she ism expecting now.

The Chase Star Anne Hegerty Admits To Smashing Up Set After Getting Questions Wrong

The Chase star Anne Hegerty who’s known as Governess on the show has confessed that when she gets questions wrong on the daily quiz show she often kicks the set as she is so annoyed with herself.

Talking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Wednesday morning Anne said;

“I have been known to come back down and kick the set.

“I have to sort of kick a bit that won’t collapse.”

Phillip then said:

 “You get that angry?”

Anne then continued:

 “Sometimes when things just went wrong and I couldn’t get the answers up to my brain in time, it can be so frustrating.

“But you know, it’s our reputation out there and we don’t want to look foolish.”

The dark side of Anne Hegerty  lol.

Stacey Solomon Want’s To Be The First Loose Women To Have A Baby

Does Joe Swash know about this??

Stacey Solomon has confessed that she want’s to be the first Loose Women to have a baby.

Stacey who has been dating Joe for over a year now has said on Loose Women on Wednesday afternoon that she would like to have more children and to become the first Loose Women to be having a baby.

Stacey said:

“I definitely want more children and it does make me broody when I see people have babies.”

Stacey already has two boys Zack and Leighton and dotes on them s another baby for Stacey we think would be amazing.

Lauren Goodger To Return To TOWIE This Year!

Rumors have been flying around for about the last couple of years saying that Lauren Goodger is going to be returning to The Only Way Is Essex but now it seems that she really is.

A fan tweeted Lauren asking if she is going to be making a return and she replied back and said that she will be ‘sometime this year’.

The fan tweeted:

“TOWIE is not the same without @LaurenGoodger” “Hope she makes a comeback soon.”

To what she replied back and said:

“I be back about this year.”

But a TOWIE insider has said:

“That’s not what the cast are hearing – they haven’t heard about anyone rejoining.”

We will have to see what happens and if she is going back to the reality show not.

Judge Rinder ‘SPLITS’ From Husband Seth Cummings After Being Married For Four Years

Judge Rinder 'SPLITS' From Husband Seth Cummings After Beign Married For Four Years

It’s been reported that Judge Rinder who’s real name is Robert Rinder has split from his husband  Seth Cummings after being married four four years.

Rumors started on Wednesday morning that his marriage was over and it’s been said that he is ‘very upset’ about the amicable split and has been said that no third parties are believed to be involved.

The pair married in 2013 in Ibiza and they were married by their friend Benedict Cumberbatch.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘It’s very sad news but Rob is separating from his partner of 11-and-a-half-years. He’s very upset about the situation, but the split is amicable and no one else is involved.

‘Rob has never spoken about his relationship and nothing will change on that front. He very much wants to focus on his work, including Judge Rinder on ITV which he absolutely adores.’

So sad!