Marnie Simpson Admits Geordie Shore Is ‘Fake And Scripted’ On Twitter

Viewers to Geordie Shore have noticed something very odd about the upcoming episode of the reality show.

At the end of Tuesday nights show they advertised that on the next show it is Marnie SImpson’s birthday episode but her birthday is actually today when the show was filmed a few months back.

Fans started taking to Twitter to ask what was going on when Marnie replied to one of the comments and confessed that the show is “fake and scripted”.

One fan tweeted:

“I don’t understand how it was @MarnieGShore birthday in the house a couple months ago and it’s also marnies birthday today ????”

To what Marnie replied back:

“It’s coz it’s fake and scripted”

See tweet below.

Sources contacted MTV to see what they had to say about this but they refursed to comment.

Marnie Simpson Admits Geordie Shore Is 'Fake And Scripted' On Twitter

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