Alison Hammond Forced To Step In For Poorly Eamonn Holmes On This Morning

Friday means one thing Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford presenting This Morning but on Friday’s edition of the show Eamonn was forced to stay at home after he has been struck down with a sore throat and can’t say a word.

That mean Ruth couldn’t be presenting the show by herself so Alison Hammond stood in and covered for Eamonn.

Alison admitted that she was about to take her son to school when she got a text from her manager at ITV asking for her to host the show.

Ruth opened the show by herself as she told he viewers:

“They’re dropping like flies in my house.

“Jack was off all week with the lergy, and this morning Eamonn woke up with no voice. He was literally having to write notes.”

Then Alison walked out onto the set and sat down next to Ruth and said on Friday’s show:

“I woke up, was getting my son ready for school, was going to go to the gym as you do and then I get a message from boss saying: ‘Al, can you do the show?’

“And I thought about ignoring it and then I thought about Ruth on her own and I couldn’t.”

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