Day: January 20, 2018

Courtney Act And Andrew Brady Head To The Bathroom Together As Andrew Admits His ‘D*** Hurts’

It’s all heating up again.

Courtney Act seemed to be really excited that Andrew Brady was save from eviction on Friday night in the Celebrity Big Brother house as he and Andrew Brady did more flirting.

Courtney who is also known as Shane Janet has been flirting a lot with Andrew since they bother entered the house two weeks ago and now they  have just upped their game.

With Andrew being saved Courtney said that there’s still more fun to be had’ as they both headed to the bathroom together.

While they where in the bathroom Andrew can be heard saying ‘not to get any f**king lipstick on me’.

Courtney then said to Andrew ‘where shall I put it?’ to which Andrew replied ‘push it in’. After Andrew admitted that *his d*** hurt’


Lorraine Kelly Left Shocked After New Puppy Poos On Show Set

Lorraine Kelly Left Shocked After New Puppy Poos On Show Set

Ohh no so embarrassing!

Lorraine Kelly has been left embarrassed after her puppy decided to do a big poo on the set of her morning TV show.

Lorraine who hasn’t had the border terrier called Angus for very long but already he’s causing lots of drama at ITV.

When the camera stopped rolling on Lorraine she then had to go and pick the poo up.

Laughing to the camera Lorraine said:

‘We don’t talk about what he just did.’

To what the puppy trainer who was on the show said:

‘No, we won’t,’ You just have to pick it up,’

Lorraine then replied back:

‘Which I just did!’

So funny poor Lorraine.