Day: January 22, 2018

Gemma Collis Turns Up An Hour Late To Good Morning Britain Interview

So naughty turning up to her interview late.

Gemma Collins is not in the good books of Piers Morgan after she turned up to be interview on Good Morning Britain over an hour late.

Gemma was mean to be on the show before 8AM but had to be interviewed later on during the show after bosses managed to change the line up with only minutes speare.

So glad they managed to squeeze her in.

Gemma Collins Shuts Down Piers Morgan After He Ask’s About Her Back Dating James Argent


She really doesn’t want to talk about it!

Over the last few months rumors have been flying around saying that Gemma Colllins is back dating James Argent and there have been so many sightings of him leaving her Essex home early in the morning after an all night stay.

Now talking during an interview on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning Gemma shot down the rumors after she was akse dby host of the show Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

Gemma said that her and Arg are ‘just good friends’ and nothing more than that.

When Susanna asked Gemma if she was dating James she replied:


‘The press keep saying he’s popping by my house – he pops to see Ferne. Ferne is my neighbour, so he says, “Gem, I’m popping by for tea”.’


We don’t know if we are convinced!

I’m A Celebrity’s Georgia Toffolo And Stanley Johnson To Get Their Own TV Show!

They where the starts of last year’s I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here but now Geordia Toffolo and Stanley Johnson are going to be getting their own TV show.

Reports have been saying that both Stanley and Georgia are to get their own show but not much information is out at the moment apart from it will air on ITV.

Stanley said recently to The Sun:

“I haven’t seen Toff since we got out of the jungle but I’ve absolutely kept in touch with her,”  “In fact, we’re lined up to present a show together for ITV.

“They think we’re a natural TV duo.”

He continued:

“I can’t reveal too much about it, but I have a really good feeling about it.”

“Toff and I get on very well. She’s always telling people that she loves me like a granddad,”

There show would be amazing we have to say.

What do you think??

Celebrity Big Brother’s Shane J Asks Andrew Brady For ‘More Affection’

They have gotten closer and closer over the weeks have gone on n the Celebrity Big Brother and viewers even saw Andrew Brady and Courtney Act aka Shane J heading to the bathroom together over the weekend and Andrew admitted that his ‘d*** hurt’ afterwards.

Now Shane J has beeged Andrew for ‘more affection’ as they got cosy in the garden.

In a sneak peek from tonight’s show it shows the pair under a blanket in the garden getting closer and closer as Shane J says:

“You’re the least affectionate, when in bed… like even right now, like snuggled like this, you roll over, like this.”

Andrew then replied:

“Yeah I’m bad, even if you were a chick, who we’d crossed that border, of sex, I’m still not, like, an affectionate person in that way, like I’m romantic and I am affectionate, but I like to sleep when I sleep.”

He continied to say:

“And also the whole like, cuddliness, I mean like I’ve only got boxers on right and, yeah, if we’re cuddling in bed, that’s quite intimate.”

Shane then replied back and said:

“I guess so.”

“And I wouldn’t do that with, like, friends who are girls of mine,” Andrew says “Anything can kick start the lower region in this place.”