Celebrity Big Brother’s Shane J Asks Andrew Brady For ‘More Affection’

They have gotten closer and closer over the weeks have gone on n the Celebrity Big Brother and viewers even saw Andrew Brady and Courtney Act aka Shane J heading to the bathroom together over the weekend and Andrew admitted that his ‘d*** hurt’ afterwards.

Now Shane J has beeged Andrew for ‘more affection’ as they got cosy in the garden.

In a sneak peek from tonight’s show it shows the pair under a blanket in the garden getting closer and closer as Shane J says:

“You’re the least affectionate, when in bed… like even right now, like snuggled like this, you roll over, like this.”

Andrew then replied:

“Yeah I’m bad, even if you were a chick, who we’d crossed that border, of sex, I’m still not, like, an affectionate person in that way, like I’m romantic and I am affectionate, but I like to sleep when I sleep.”

He continied to say:

“And also the whole like, cuddliness, I mean like I’ve only got boxers on right and, yeah, if we’re cuddling in bed, that’s quite intimate.”

Shane then replied back and said:

“I guess so.”

“And I wouldn’t do that with, like, friends who are girls of mine,” Andrew says “Anything can kick start the lower region in this place.”


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