Sarah Harding “Denies” Saying X-Rated Chat Up Lines To Jordan Davies

They were in the Celebrity Big Brother house together last year but last night was one of the first time Jordan Davies and Sarah Harding has seen one and other since they left the house.

Now reports have been flying around saying that Sarah decided to say ‘x-rated chat up lines’ to the Ex On The beach star but now she has ‘denied’ that she ever did that at the National Television Awards last night.

Apparently Sarah was chatting jordan up in the smoking area at London’s O2 Arena all of what she has denied.

An insider said to The Sun that she started draping herself all over him, while making some pretty outrageous comments.”

They continued:

“She could be heard saying ‘I’d motorboat you a hundred times. Forget about the g spot, have you heard of the P spot? I’ve Googled it,'”

“Sarah made a bee-line for him later in the evening and started grinding up against him at the bar.”


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