Day: January 26, 2018

Holly Willoughby’s Foundation Just Costs £5.70!!

Wow what a bargin.

It’s been revied by a makeup atrist that Holly Willoughby’s foundation just costs £5.70.

Holly’s personal makeup artist Patsy O’Neill has revied that products that she uses on Holly for Dancing On Ice is called Deciem’s The Ordinary Serum Foundation what only was relesed last year and has proved exreamly popular sicne it’s relese.

Since it was relesed a whopping 75,000 women joined a waitng list to get their hands on their very own bottle and we have to sya it is extreamly hard.

If it’s good enought for Holly then it’s good anought for anyone.

Eamonn Holmes Returns To Work After Being Ill For A Week!

Yay glad to have him back.

Today Eamonn Holmes returned to work after being ill for over a week after Alison Hammond had to stand in for Eamonn while presenting This Morning.

Holmes seemed happy to be back on our TV screen as he sat alongside his wife Ruth Langsford.

It has only been the last day or so that Eamonn has been back to his old normal self as he was too ill to attend the NTAS on Tuesday evening.

Amber Davies And Pete Wicks Spotted SNOGGIN!

They have both denied that they are dating but now new photos have been released online of Amber Davies and Pete Wicks snogging.

The pair photographed together in the photo above both shared the photo but what they never shared was a snap of them snogging what The Sun has published online.

Both Amber and Pete where spotted outside of the O2 arena having a smoke and they looked like they were getting very very close.

The photo of them kissing was shared to Amber’s Instagram page but was deleted within seconds but fans managed to get screenshots of it before it went.

Kim Kardashian Is Not Going To be Having Another Baby!

Kim Kardashian Makes Racy Return To Social Media

Kim Kardashian alredy has three children, two what she gave birth to and the other one born via surragate but now she has shot down rumors that she is going to ask her carrier to have another.

On Wednesday night the reality star took to her Twitter account where sh ecleared up the rumors.

She shared:


Amber Davies And Pete Wicks Slame Dating Rumours

They look close to us!

Amber Davies and Pete Wicks have slammed dainting rumors after they have both shared a couple of cute selfeis together.

Rumors have been flying around for a while now saying that they are dating but clearly they are not as they have hit out at the rumors and said that they are just friends.

The Sun Newspaper has reported that the pair have been going for secret dates out in Essex and have kepted in the low away fromt he press.

A sources has said that the pair have lots of “chemistry” between them but both Ambers and Pete’s reps have laughted at the rumors.

Amber’s Rep said:

“They’re nothing more than friends and never have been.”

And Pete’s said:

“total rubbish”.


Doctor Foster Might Return For Series 3!

Doctor Foster Might Return For Series 3!

Yay super exciting news!

It’s been said that Doctor Foster might return for series 3.

The drama what is much loved and even won a NTA award on Tuesday is in talks to return to BBC One as reports have said the producers have been given the ‘green light’ to commission another series.

The reports have said to The Sun:

“After its ratings success last year commissioners were always keen for it to come back and although its early days they have given it the green light.”

But it’s not been said when the new series would air as main actress in the show Surrane Jones who plays Doctor Foster is ‘extreamly busy at the moment’:

“Suranne is extremely busy with other projects at the moment but bosses are trying to pin her down for some potential filming dates.

“It’s looking like it would film next year at the earliest.”

We would love antoher series would you?