Day: January 29, 2018

Kelly Brook Fears She May Have Left It Too Late To Have Children

Kelly Brook broke down on Loose Women on Monday afternoon as she revealed that she thinks she may have left it too late to have children.

Kelly who suffered a miscarriage at the age of 30 said that she has put her career before having children and now fears thats he wont have any.

Kelly who is in a long term relationship with model Jeremy Parisi, said that she would have done things more differently if she could turn back time.

She said on the ITV show:

“Coming from a working class family, it was very much a case of being independent. Buying my house was the most important thing.

“I spent so much time focused on my career that having a family was so left behind and now I am in my late 30s, I feel like actually I wish I had kind of thought more about

“I feel like now I am kind of up against it.

Shen then continued to say:

“I’ve got money, my own home and I’ve got my independence and all these amazing things, but I don’t have children.”

“I spent so much time on my career. Having a family was so left behind.”


Celebrity Big Brother Security Beefed Up After TWO BREAK INS!

Celebrity Big Brother Intruders Says He Was Put Into A Prison Cell For The Night

The security at the Celebrity Big Brother house has been beefed up after Youtube pranksters got into the house not once but twice!

Last Friday and the Friday before two youtube pranksters got into the house and tried to appear on the main show but failed as the security when on them and put the shutter down before they were filmed.

Now Security specialist Will Geddes has said to the Daily Star:

“After the first incident they should have had a massive overhaul.

“For it to happen a second time is quite astounding, especially during a live show.”

The housemates where left really scared after the break in but then where reassured by Big Brother that the situation was “under control:.

Jessica Wright Shows Off New Blonde Hair In Latiest Online Snap

She looks incredible.

Jessica Wright decided to go for a change in hairstyle on Monday after she decided to bleach her hair blonde.

The former TOWIE star looked sensational as she posed and uploaded the photo to her Instagram account and she really did look like Kim Kardashian.

Jess stunned as she sat on a bed and posed with her new hair and shared the snap with her thousands of followers.

We so love her new hair.

Jamie O’Hara’s Ex Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney Still Wears Her Engament Ring!

They split a few weeks back but it seems Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney just can’t take her stunning engagement ring off.

Elizabeth was engaged to ex-footballer Jamie O’Hara and in a snap over the weekend what she shared on her Instagram page she still had her engagement proudly on her finger.

Friends of Elizabeth have said that she has moved out of his home and returned to Birmingham and it seems like she took the ring with her.

Well when you have such a stunning ring you would never want to take it off.

Dancing On Ice Star Kem Cetinay Nearly Has Penis Slicked Off During Ice Skating Rehearsals

Now that would have hurt!

Dancing On Ice star Kem Cetinay nearly had his penis sliced off while he and his dance partner Alex Murphy where pracercing their dance routine on the ice.

In one part of the dance Alex has to put her skate on Kem’s leg and at one point it slipped just advoiding his genatailer.

Talking about the move to The Sun Kem said:

“I took a big risk with that move on Sunday.

“I had to put Alex’s blade directly between my legs. I cut the inside of my leg a lot last week.

“I’ve been wearing one of those dance belts – I didn’t think I would be wearing one of those in my life.

He continued:

“It keeps it altogether and compact so nothing can get to it. It goes round your waist and is really tight and keeps my private parts up and away.

“It isn’t very comfortable but safety first; I don’t want blood all over the rink.”

My gooness it ust have been so scary.

Celebrity Big Brother Housemates Finally Get Ann Widdecombe In The Pool With Them

Celebrity Big Brother Housemates Finally Get Ann Widdecombe In The Pool With Them

Wow a sight we never thought we would see.

For days the Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been begging Ann Widdecombe to get in the pool with them and she has refused.

Now in upcoming scenes going to air on Monday night it shows the politics star jump into the pool with the others and she looked like she was having an amazing time.

Ann was in the pool with Amanda Barrie, Wayne Sleep and Ashley James as they enjoyed a drink in the water.