Rylan Clark-Neil Quit This Morning Over The Sake Of His Mental Health’

It was at the end of last year when Rylan Clark-Neil annouced that he is leaving This Morning after he decided to have a break fromt he show but gave no reason why!

But now Rylan has decided to set the reconrd straght on why he not longer has his slot on the daily show.

In a interview with The Sun the Big Brother Bit On The Side presneter said:

“I got a load of s*** when I had a break from This Morning after five years.

“Some news outlets have said I’m having a baby, ­getting divorced and terminally ill.

“I’m really missing being there but I just need time to myself. People think there’s an ulterior motive and there’s not.

“I just needed a break for my head, for my body, for my peace of mind.

He then continued:

“I just needed a little break from working three, four, five jobs. That’s all.

“I don’t get holiday, I’m self-employed. That’s a really big risk for anyone in telly.

“There’s always 100 people that are ready to do your job — but I needed to do it.

“People forget you’re not just on telly for that hour.

“Today, for instance, I’m up at five. On a Big Brother eviction night I wouldn’t have got home until 1am.

“For my head, I just need to take a little break.”

It’s always good to have a break.

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