Day: February 1, 2018

Jessica Cunningham SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Them Naked Pics On Instagram

Jessica Cunningham SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Them Naked Pics On Instagram

Jessica Cunningham has slammed Kim Kardashian for hte images she has ben sharing on her Instagram page over the last week.

This week Kim has shared a number of photos of herself with nex tot nothing on and sheared them to her 110 million Instagram followers.

Jessica was appearing on This Morning to talk about how she feels Kim isn’t a good role model for young girls and said that it makes an ‘unrealistic body image’.

Jessica said that her friends 13 year old daughter was caught taking photos of herself just like Kim and when she was questioned she said ‘Kim K does it’.

Cunningham said on This Morning Thursday:

‘For people who have children, 13 and 14 year olds have phones and social media and will copy. But it’s an unrealistic body image.”I think its fantastic that Kim is so body confident, but the people who follow her – how many of them have £100,000 to have body changing surgery?

‘I know people who are in their twenties who are in pain from bum implants. When you were 14, did your parents know everything they’ve been up to? You can’t monitor your kids all the time.’

Viewers to the show agreed with Jessica and Twitter was full of support.

Fans Beg Countdown Producers Not To Get Rid Of Rachel Riley After Ban On Formula One Grid Girls

Fans Beg Countdown Producers Not To Get Rid Of Rachel Riley After Ban On Formula One Grid Girls

It’s a bit diffrent!

Fans of Coutndown have begged the producers of the show not to get rid of Rachel Riley after Formula One Grid girls get banned.

Fans have been worried that Rachel will be for the chop after the grid girls get banned but personallywe dont think that this will be the case.

One tweeed:

“Please tell me the feminazis are not going to ban Rachel Riley from Coutdown?”

While another said:

They’ll make Rachel Riley redundant for looking hot in count down

Lets hope that that wont be the case.

Rylan Clark-Neil Quizzes Andrew Brady If He Has Spoken To His Girlfriend After Getting Close To Courtney Act

Trust Rylan Clark-Neil!

When Andrew Brady appeared on Celebrity Big Brother’s after show Bit On The Side presenter Rylan quizzed Andrew if he has spoke to his girlfriend since he left the house last week after he got really close to drag queen Courtney Act.

Rylan asked:

 “Have you spoken to your girlfriend since leaving the house?”

To what Andrew replied back:

“I’ve spoken to all my friends and family so let’s swerve that one…”

Rylan then shouted out:


He so tried to ignore that didnt he?!

Celebrity Big Brother’s Andrew Brady Declares His Love For Courtney Act As He Returns To House

So emotional.

On Wednesday the evicted housemates returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house for the day and it all got very emotional after Andrew Brady saw Shane Jenek aka Courtney Act for the first time.

Running over to Courtney, Andrew said:

“You are my worthy winner. I love you so much.

“You really are the most amazing thing I’ve met in the last few years of my life.”

Then when it was time Andrew left the house Courtney covered him in red lipstick

Khloé Kardashian Has Become ‘Obsessed’ With Newborn Chicago West Ahead Of Her Baby Being Born

Khloe Kardashian is super excited about having her own little one but it seems like she ha sbene getting as much pratic in to prepair for her arrival.

It’s been said that Khloe has been prepairing for the little one that she has become ‘obsessed’ with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s newborn daughter Chicago West!

A source has told People:

“She is obsessed with baby Chi and visits every day.”

“She can’t wait to be a mom. She is excited about being pregnant, but can’t wait to meet her baby. She is also excited about her upcoming baby shower.”

She need’s all the pratice she can and it seems that is what she is doing.

We cant wait to see her little one.

Kylie Jenner Is Spending Lots Of Time At Her Mother Kris Jenner’s House

So for months now Kylie Jenner has been keeping it a secret that she is expecting her first child but now that she still hasn’t confirmed the news herself but others have done it’s been said that Kylie has been spending lots of time at her mum Kris Jenner’s house as she prepares for the arrival.

Kylie has been wanting to stay at her mum’s because of her anxiety around childbirth.

Sources have said:

“They have no plans to get married, or even engaged. Kylie expects to rely mostly on her family for help and she seems fine with that.”

Nothing wrong with having a child without marriage or a ring on the finger now is there?

Most girls want their mums when they are expecting as they have been through pregnancy before.