Celebrity Big Brother’s Amanda Barrie Defends Ann Widdecombe After Lorraine Kelly Calls Her ‘A Big Wet Blanket’

This mornign it all got a little heated on Lorraine after Amanda Barrie defed her friend Ann Widdecombe after Lorraine Kelly called her ‘a big wet blanket’.

Amanda was on the show to talk abotu her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house when Lorraine made them commnets causing Barrie to defend her friend.

She said:

‘We were sleeping together… not in that way, I don’t want to rub my life off on to her!’

‘She and I made friends because the boys were so loud. We are miles apart, in politics and she certainly doesn’t approve of ladies getting married.

‘But I never brought it up, it would have been impolite. It’s best to avoid those things and just get on with it. I don’t like labels.’

We really dont think that Amanda liked Lorraine’s comments at all.

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