Rylan Clark-Neal Talks Rumors About Big Brother Being Axed!

With rumors flying around saying that Channel 5 are about to get rid of Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has been talking to The Sun about these rumors.

Rylan has said that he would be ‘utterly devastated’ if the show was to end and not to be on our screens anymore.

He said:

 “If it didn’t come back I would be utterly devastated.

“I can’t imagine TV without Big Brother.

“When C4 got rid of it I rang the helpline in Heat magazine. I was that ­devastated.

“Not many reality shows can say they’ve been on air for 18 years.

He continued:

“I’d love to see it make 20 years — of course I would.

“I think it’s time to make Big Brother what it was.

“I’ve always had one­ ­million per cent faith in the format and that it can be the greatest show on telly.”

We really hope that the show doesn’t go it would be greatly missed.

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