Malika Haqq Wants To Know Everything About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy After Being ‘Locked Up’ In Celebrity Big Brother Hous

Malika Haqq Wants To Know Everything About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy After Being 'Locked Up' In Celebrity Big Brother Hous

With Malika Huqq being in the Celebrity big Brother house she has been away from the outside world and now the reality star has admitted that she wants to know everything about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy,

On Friday Malika was appearing on Good Morning Britain where she asked “everyone to inform her” on the latest baby news.

It was during the interview that Malika never denied that Kyle is pregnant and confessed that she is ‘looking’ for information.

Presenter of the show Ben Shephard then asked Malika is Kylie is expecting as he asked:

“And there’s lots of babies on the way? There’s Kylie’s baby?”

To what Malika replied:

 “I don’t know. When I come out I’m looking for everyone to inform me. I’ve been locked up. I don’t know anything.”


She has been locked up for a month not nine lol..

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