Mark Wright And Michelle Keegan ‘House Hunting In Hollywood Hills’

That will be lovely.

It’s been said that Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan are ‘house hunting’ in the Hollywood hills after Mark lands presenting job on Extra TV in America last year≥

The pair who are always in America now due to Mark’s job have been rumored to be getting a place in Hollywood for a while not but it seems like it really is happening.

It’s been said that the lovely pair have already been looking around homes to see if they like any of them to move into and sources have said that they have a budget of a whopping £2 million.

A source has said:

‘Michelle has started auditioning for roles and has agreed to give America a go to support Mark’s TV career.’

‘Mark has had a huge career break with his job with Extra. Michelle is the one who is more flexible now so she is going to move to Los Angeles and fly back for any UK roles.

‘She’s been auditioning for roles including a big new drama on American network ABC and a guest role in the show This Is Us, as well as meeting agents, talent managers and top casting directors.’

We are so looking forward to seeing their house when they decided on one it will look beautiful.

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