Trinny Woodall Admits She’s Not Ashamed Of Having Botox After ‘Feeling G****** Ugly’

Trinny Woodall Admits She's Not Ashamed Of Having Botox After 'Feeling G****** Ugly'

She’s been on our TV screens for years and years not but Trinny Woodall has admitted that she is not ashamed of having botox as she admitted that she felt ‘f****** ugly’ since she turned 30.

The This Morning fashion presenter admitted that she ‘loves’ having the the cosmetic treatment, explaining her desire to ‘look her best’.

Talking to Telegraph’s Stella magazine she said:

‘I’m still having Botox – I started at 35 – and I love it.

‘I’m not ashamed of wanting to look my best and of wanting other women, of any age but particularly of my age, to look as good as they can.’

She then continued to say that having spots as a teenager has made her feel negative about the way she looks as she continued:

‘I felt so f****** ugly until well into my 30s… I don’t think anyone realises how long that feeling of repulsiveness lasts,’


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