Celebs Go Dating’s Muggy Mike Gets Told Off By His Parents Over Dates

With Celebs Go Dating started last Sunday viewers have been seeing how the celebs get on while dating normal people.

One person who has been on the show is Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis and has already become the talk of the series with his sexual banter and way with the ladies.

Now his parents have told Mike off for the way he is treating the ladies on the show and when he snogged the girl in the hot tub within hours of meeting her.

When speaking to BUILD, Mike has said:

“I wanna be careful what I say, I wouldn’t say I was nasty to her or anything like that, I think people have taken it too serious and gone, oh, I’m this vile person.

“‘Cos I’m not a nasty person, yeah I admit I watched back the date and I cringed. My mum and dad ain’t spoken to me yet since they watched it either, so I definitely could have been more of a gent.”

“At the end of the day, I didn’t fancy her and it’s a TV show. That’s what it is.”

Bless them.

Maybe he should listen to his parent and take some advice.

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