Day: February 9, 2018

Youtube Suspend Logan Paul Add’s On Videos!

When youre a Youtuber one of the best things to hapen on Youtube is for adds to play on youre videos and that means money.

It’s been annouced that Youtube star Logan Paul has had his add’s suspended on his channel after he filmed a dead body of a man who killed himself in a wooded area.

Youtube have confirmed the news on Friday as they tweeted:

In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behavior, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channels.


Logan has not yet commented on their tweet.

Gemma Collins Sparks Pregnancy Rumors In This Instagram Snap

Is she expecting??

Gemma Collins has caused speculations that she is expecting a baby after she shared the photo above to her Instagram page.

Gemma who recently said that her and on / off boyfriend James Argent are ‘so in love’ that they’re ‘picking out baby names’.

In the photo Gemma is wearing a blue dress while she has her hands on her tummy just like other celebrities pose when they announce they are expecting.

What do you think is she pregnant or not?

Eamonn Holmes Jokes About Using Tinder While He Sits Next To Wife Ruth Langsford

He’s so funny!

Eamonn Holmes has joked on This Morning on Friday that he is going to use Tinder while he sat on the sofa next to his wife Ruth Langsford.

The pair were talking about valentine’s day when Eamonn said:

“I’m dreading next Wednesday. Why are you so cold emotionally?”

To what Ruth replied:

 “I just think urgh Valentines Day…hearts and flowers.

“You know I love you – I don’t have to keep telling you.”

Holmes then said back:

 “Does it not make you jealous to think, say I was on Tinder, right, that I would be inundated with people?”

The pair then laughted it off and went into the add break.

Katie Price Denies Showing Alex Reid Sex Tape Off To 40 People

At the start of this week rumors were flying around saying that the police were investigating Katie Price over revenge porn after she was reported to have showed the Celebrity Big Brother audience members videos of Alex Reid having sex.

Now Katie has denied that she has the footage on her phone and has shown anything of the sort to anyone.

Taking to her Instagram account on Friday evening Price said:

‘I would like to make the following clear: I do not have any videos/sexual images of Alex Reid or Roxanne on my phone.

‘I did not show TV audience members a video of Alex or Roxanne engaged in sexual activity, nor would I.

‘I have not had contact from the police, but if I get such I will co-operate fully to show them that this allegation is a lie.

‘I have made clear that I would never reveal tapes of Alex Reid or Roxanne.’

‘I take online bullying and revenge porn seriously. My family have been subjected to such and I have been the victim of revenge porn. I would not do it to someone else.

‘It is sad that my attempting to push through help for those bullied online is used by someone to suggest that I have behaved in this way or to get publicity for themselves.’


Zoo Boss Speaks Out Over BBC’s Trouble At The Zoo Documentary

We told you earlier about the BBC Two documentary what aired on Thursday evening called Trouble At The Zoo what showed how South Lakes Zoo In Cumbria is turning around after they where named the ‘wrost’ zoo in the UK after 500 of their animals died in four years.

Now Zoo boss Karen Brewer has spoken out about how she feels about the documentry.

Karen said:

“We wanted to show that working with animals and running a complex business is emotional and is difficult and I felt the programme did capture that, and that we’re all human,”

“When we invited them in the whole idea was to be open and transparent, to show who we are now, and that we don’t want to hide behind anything,”

Our whole ethos is to be open and transparent but also for everybody to have a voice and that’s a really big change for us since we took over the running of the zoo,”

She continued to say:

“We know we need to make changes but they can only happen if the finances are there.

“Animal welfare has to be the priority and at the same time we have to make sure that we can sustain things.

“Really good decisions like reducing the animal numbers; that might sound alarming to say we are reducing it by 30 per cent but these are the real decisions behind the scenes that we have to make every day and we wanted people to see that.”

Kylie Jenner Isnt A Fan Of New Snapchat Update

Kylie Jenner Is Selling One Of Her Manions!

With the new Snapchat update going live this week people have been getting the use to the changes but one person who has failed is tech savvy Kylie Jenner.

Kylie has admitted that she has been struggling with the update and is not a fan.

On Friday morning the reality star took to her Twitter account and said:

Mm just saw the new Snapchat.. I don’t know how i feel about it! What do you guys think?

Seeing that her tweet had tweet retweeted thousands and thousands of times you would have thought htta Snapchat would have replied to her.

What do you think of the new update?